ZICB Supports Local SMEs.

Lusaka, Zambia – 12 th October 2021: In continuing with its programme of supporting the growth of local micro, small and medium enterprises, the Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (ZICB) Limited has announced a partnership with the DLN Entrepreneurship Institute through the Bank’s K100,000 sponsorship of the “Africa Must Think” Conference.

According to the DLN Entrepreneurship Institute, the “Africa Must Think” Conference is the largest gathering of entrepreneurs on the African continent that aims to provoke and motivate young people into becoming successful business owners and leaders.

The Conference will feature various speakers, including Mr. Vusi Tembekwayo; a Public Speaker, Author and the Managing Partner of Watermark Capital Partners from South Africa; Ms. Audrey Mwala, the CEO of Sycamori Consult from Malawi; and Mr. Chibamba Kanyama, the Founder and CEO of Bridges Limited from Zambia. Speaking at the unveiling of the partnership, ZICB CEO, Ignatius Mwanza, said that the Bank is excited to be supporting Zambian entrepreneurs through the sponsorship of the “Africa Must Think” Conference.

“This is the second sponsorship under the “Africa Must Think” series that Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank is sponsoring having again been partners with the DLN Entrepreneurship Institute last year. We are sponsoring the “Africa Must Think” Conference because it speaks directly to what ZICB stands for, which is empowerment of local entrepreneurs and SMEs. Our mission is to support local wealth creation and growth that will lead to the commercialisation and industrialisation of the Zambian economy. It is through this deliberate support to local businesses that our economy will grow,” Mr. Mwanza said.

And speaking at the same event, the DNL Entrepreneurship Institute CEO, Dumisani Ncube, said that his organisation is pleased to have ZICB on the list of sponsors for the Conference. Mr. Ncube, whose organisation is the brainchild and host of the “Africa Must Think” Conference, is convinced that the development of business and leadership skills will drive the transformational change that is needed for local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

The “Africa Must Think” Conference will be held at the National Heroes stadium on the 31 st of October 2021 under the theme “Experience Greatness”. Apart from imparting business knowledge on participants, the Conference will also recognise successful entrepreneurs through the awarding of the Zambia Entrepreneurship Awards to deserving recipients.