As part of our continued partnership with the Zed Kidprenuer, we are happy to be the official bank partner of the 2022 Sunga Coin challenge.

The Sunga Coin challenge is a savings competition for children below the age of 15 that is aimed at developing a savings culture in the future generation leading up to World Savings Day, which falls on 31st October 2022.

Over 20 children have entered the competition and have since opened savings accounts with ZICB.

The children have been allocated Saturday as their official Bank Day where a special counter is setup for them to come and deposit their savings.

A Relationship manager has also been assigned to the children to provide financial literacy and investment advice at their convenience.

A special event has been organized to reward the most consistent children in saving. This will be held after the close of the 2022 Sunga Coin challenge.

ZICB Corporate Affairs Manager Luke Njovu says the Bank will continue to be part of projects and that are focused on improving financial literacy in the country.

“As you may be aware, our tagline is making tomorrow possible. This project echoes our brand promise because it focuses on building a financially literate future generation. This project will not only benefit the children but also the future of our country”.