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    Cash Management

    Our Cash Management proposition helps our corporate and business clients collect and manage the movement of bulk cash using our digital channels and correspondent banking network. Our services include::

    Cash in Transit (CIT)

    Secure movement of cash from client’s premises to the bank and cash from the bank to client’s premises.

    Teller implant:

    In the event that a client requires the bank to collect money on the clients’ behalf at the clients’ premises, the bank provides a teller implant service which forms part of the clients’ cash office.

    Direct debits:

    Based on a standing instruction issued by the client, the bank can electronically pull money from the debtors’ bank at scheduled intervals. The money is credited directly to the clients’ account and notice of the credit is given to the client.

    Regulatory payments:

    Through our internet banking offering, ZICB enables clients to make regulatory payments to ZRA via eTax and pension contributions to NAPSA via eNapsa.

    Bulk payments and salary processing:

    Using our internet banking platform, clients can process bulk payments to suppliers and bulk process salary payments.